Here at Soaked! Waterpark, we’re all about three simple things: Safe. Clean. Fun.

From the pre-renovation research to today’s new day-to-day operations, this three-part vision is behind everything we do for you – our guests.

What's Changed at Soaked! Waterpark?Expand

The following is an overview of some of the protocols and safety measures we’ve introduced to ensure we’ve created a space for you to swim, slide, and splash safely!

Even with our proactive approach, we find ourselves in a new and ever evolving situation. Measures are likely to change in the weeks and months to come as new industry best practices are shared and regulations are amended based on the rollercoaster of the times we find ourselves. We are committed to learning and adapting to ensure we’re serving you as best we can.

Masks & PPE:

  • Effective November 6th, masks are required to be worn in the hotel public areas including the waterpark in accordance with the Government of Saskatchewan announcement.
  • In accordance with the Re-open Saskatchewan Phase 4.2 plan guidelines for aquatic facilities, you are to remove face masks before entering bodies of water are entered or engaged with due to the contamination and drowning risk they present. Those not engaging with water features or bodies of water are required to wear a mask at all times.

Social Distancing Measures:

  • Social distancing signage is present within the waterpark. Our team’s focus is to ensure the waterpark is being enjoyed in a safe manner and to ensure the space remains clean and sanitized. We’re asking for your help in ensuring you and all members of your family are staying a minimum of 6′ or 2m away from individuals from other households at all times.
  • Maximum occupancy limitations below the typical recommended numbers have been set for bodies of water such as the pool and hot tub to further promote social distancing within these high activity spaces.
  • Seating areas in the perimeter of the waterpark will be significantly reduced to enable social distancing between individuals not partaking in the waterpark.
  • Social distancing signage and defined standing spots have been introduced in areas were lines may form such as the staircase up to the waterslides.
  • The waterpark occupancy will be reduced to a total of 35 people maximum within the waterpark or on the deck.
  • Directional arrows have been introduced onto the waterpark deck to try and encourage clarity in walking lanes and promote separation between families.
  • A new exit location for the waterpark has been introduced during peak periods to minimize the risk of individuals coming into contact when entering and exiting the waterpark.
  • Internal occupancy booking limitations have been implemented to try and reduce the possibility of peak periods at the waterpark.
  • We have eliminated our traditional Pool Parties and Team Wind-up’s for the time being and have introduced a new way to experience all the fun Soaked! Waterpark has to offer. To learn more about Soaked! Spots, click here.

Cleaning & Disinfecting: 

  • The Center for Disease Control has stated that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through the use of pools or hot tubs which are being properly maintained, operated and disinfected. This information can be viewed by visiting this site.
  • The waterpark is a natural gathering area. As a space which accommodates multiple households at any given time, it will undergo increased cleaning and disinfecting for high contact areas such as chairs, safety railings, water features, etc.
  • Shared items such as life jackets will no longer be offered as per the Government of Saskatchewan recommendations for water facilities. Going forward, if you have someone in your group who requires or would benefit from a life jacket we encourage you to bring this with you.
  • In accordance with current regulations, the water fountain within the waterpark has been temporarily closed given the shared nature of it’s use.
  • Additional staff have been introduced to focus on executing additional cleaning and disinfection protocols.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been introduced at both the entrance and exit.
  • Cleansing showers are required of any individuals looking to come into contact with any attraction items or bodies of water.
  • Gloves will be worn by staff exclusively while conducting cleaning duties.
  • Mandatory hand washing protocols have been introduced for our staff.


Your safety is our top priority. We’ve made significant investments in technology, equipment and training – all with you in mind. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • We always strive to hire Soaked! Staff who have been certified in First Aid, CPR, Bronze Cross, Bronze Medallion or NLS.
    Please Note: Being that Soaked! is a hotel waterpark, it is unsupervised most of the time. Parents are required to accompany their children at all times.
  • State-of-the-art, epoxy flooring provides great foot traction for those excited kids.
  • Waterslides with “run-outs” provide a safer alternative to dump pools. Now parents don’t have to catch their kids any more at the bottom of the waterslide!
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Light, along with chlorine, significantly improves water quality and kills 99.9% of all bacteria in the water. UV Light also greatly improves indoor air quality, for both staff and guests alike.
  • Our state-of-the-art chemical monitoring system continuously tracks and balances water chemistry to maintain optimal levels.
  • Proper water flow is extremely important for filtration and water quality. Our investment in Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) ensure that correct water flow is maintained at all times.
  • Zero-depth play areas such as the Blue Zone Spray Pad, Watermark™ digital water curtain and toddler area offer safe places for kids to play outside the pool, hot tub and slides.
  • Our air handling system ensures fresh air is continuously brought into the waterpark.
  • Extra handrails on waterslide stairs are provided for both adults and children.
  • Our toddler area is intentionally located off to the side, away from high foot traffic zones, giving our smallest guests a safe place to play.


We know that waterparks are known for fun and excitement, but there’s one more thing Soaked! takes very seriously: Cleanliness. From the water quality in the pool to our bathroom floors, we want to put your mind at ease.

Some examples of the tasks our staff are trained on include:

  • Daily preventative maintenance inspections.
  • Opening shift inspections and cleaning tasks.
  • 30 minute cleaning checks (when waterpark is staffed).
  • Closing shift inspections and cleaning tasks.
  • Weekly deep cleaning, including pool deck scrubbing.
  • Water chemistry testing every three hours, in addition to continuous electronic monitoring.


It’s what waterparks are known for and we’ve packed as much fun as possible into Soaked! Check out our Features page to see all of the fun that awaits you!