Soaked! Waterpark is exclusive to guests of The Atlas° Hotel, with two easy ways you can get in on the fun!

1) Book a guestroom.

Enjoy a night away with the family or indulge in a weekend vacation. Please note, due to safety regulations our guestrooms are limited to a maximum of 5 people. This is the maximum number of waterpark wristbands we will be able to issue. To check availability or make a reservation, Click here, or give us a call at 1.306.586.3443.

2) Reserve 3 hours.

Need a few hours out of the house for the kids to let off steam? We get it!
That’s why we’ve created the Soaked! Spot. A selection of 3 hour, pre-set
time slots you can reserve for up to 5 people in your household to come and
get Soaked! Limited spots available per time slot. Includes access to a room to change
in and store your belongings for the 3 hours you will have access.

Online reservation system available by clicking here.
Or give us a call at 1.306.586.3443 for availability and pricing.