Soaked! Spots

A new way to experience Soaked! Waterpark is here!

To better accommodate our neighbours and favourite local families looking to get out of the house for a few hours and make memories this, we’ve introduced a selection of 3 hour, pre-set time slots you can reserve for up to 5 people to come get Soaked!

  • Includes access to the waterpark for 3 hours during your booked time slot.
  • A clean, private guestroom will be provided for you to change in and store your belongings for the duration of the 3 hours. Please note, this may not be a Poolside guestroom depending on availability.
  • Available for a maximum of 5 people (1 household/family).
  • $99 + taxes & fees per 3 hour spot.

Important Information:

  • Time slots (will vary based on date and availability):
    • 11:30am – 2:30pm
    • 1:30pm – 4:30pm
    • 3:00pm -6:00pm
  • Only ONE spot is available per time slot. Don’t miss out!
  • Time slots are NOT exclusive. Please expect to be sharing the waterpark with others while you’re here. But don’t worry, there’s more than enough fun for everyone to go around!
  • Soaked! Spots must be booked in advance. This ensures we have time to clean and sanitize a room in preparation for you. Sorry no drop ins folks!
  • A minimum of 1 adult must be present for the duration of the 3 hours to supervise your group.
  • Respecting social distancing and waterpark occupancy numbers is of the utmost importance right now. Regardless of whether they’re using the attractions or not, only up to 5 people will be permitted access to the waterpark as everyone in this space accounts towards the capacity limits we need to abide by. Sorry, purchasing extra wristbands won’t be available at this time.
  • For more information on how we’re keeping you safe while visiting Soaked! Waterpark click here.

Check out availability and pricing by clicking the button below. Or you can always give us a call at 1.306.586.3443.

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3 hours of waterpark fun not enough? Spend the night instead!

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Wondering what happened to those beloved Soaked! Pool Parties. Well,  for now they’re taking a bit of a break as we learn how best to operate post-pandemic lockdown.